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Your use of the Website and your browsing on it is determined and governed by the following terms and conditions (the “Terms”). Before using the Website, please read carefully and make sure that you understand and agree to these terms, rules, and statements, as further use and navigation of the Website implies your express and unconditional acceptance and your agreement.
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Kourtis SA is a commercial and import furniture societe anonyme and has an exhibition space that deals with the space of home, office and kitchen, and an exhibition space exclusively dedicated to the little heroes of life in Maroussi. Due to its many years of experience in the field of furniture and construction and in collaboration with foreign companies, the Company has developed an equally dynamic presence in the equipment of business spaces, as well as large hotel complexes. For this reason the Company is proud of the creation of KOURTIS CONTRACT in Kifissia.

The Website https://kourtis-contract.gr has been developed by the Company to provide information about the Company itself and the special products and services it offers, as well as to enable users / visitors to contact the Company regarding products and services tailored to their own needs.
These Terms and Conditions of Use of the Website govern the use of the Website and its applications and services and in no case substitute the contract and its terms, signed by the customers / partners / users of the Website with the Company regarding the products and services provided by the Company and governed by the respective contract. The Terms of Use of the Website and the services of the Company can be modified or revoked freely and at any time by the Company. For this reason, visitors / users should check the content of the Website in order to know the current version.
The Website is addressed and its use is allowed only to adults and persons over 15 years of age and / or legal representatives of legal entities with legal capacity.
The Company guarantees the quality, completeness and validity of the information provided on the Website, as well as the technical characteristics of the products on the Website and the accuracy of the details regarding the services and products provided. In good faith, however, the Company is not responsible for any errors of technical or typographical nature, which may have occurred inadvertently or due to suspension of operation of the Website due to force majeure.

The Website may contain references to third party websites and / or may now or in the future provide access to third party websites through links, hyperlinks and / or banner ads made by other individuals and organizations.
These references are provided to serve the visitors / users and to provide them with additional useful information and the use of these links will be at the sole responsibility of the visitor / user of the Website while the respective websites will be subject to their own terms of use, for whom the Company bears no responsibility, but also has no connection.
The Company assumes no responsibility and does not guarantee in any case for the content, the privacy policy, the correctness, legality, completeness, timeliness and / or accuracy or quality of services and the security of other websites that interconnect with the Website through such links, nor for the servers, through which the Website and other websites are made available to the visitor / user. The Company is not responsible for errors or malfunctions of third party websites, as well as for any damage to visitors / users from the access and use of the information, services and products provided through them.

The Company makes every effort to ensure that all content and information displayed on the Website are characterized, as possible it can be, by accuracy, clarity, correctness, completeness, timeliness and availability, however, it does not guarantee that the pages, services, options and contents will be provided without interruption and without errors, and that the errors will be corrected. Also, the Company does not guarantee that it or any other related website or the servers, through which they are placed on the visitor / user, are provided without “viruses” or other harmful factors. The Company does not guarantee in any case the correctness, completeness or availability of the contents, pages, services, options or their results. The Company is not responsible for any kind of damage suffered by the visitor / user of the pages, services, options and contents of the Website, which he/ she proceeds on his/her own initiative and with the knowledge of the Terms of Use.
Every visitor / user must take all appropriate security measures (eg virus protection programs, etc.) before any loading of the Website. The cost of any corrections or repairs is borne by the visitor / user, as the Company is not subject to any liability or charge. The visitor / user is responsible for accessing the services of the Website and the relevant access may require the payment of fees to third parties (eg internet service providers, charge for time spent on the internet). The visitor / user is solely responsible for paying the relevant fees. Also, the visitor / user is solely responsible for his personal equipment with the necessary technological means that allow him to access the services of the Website.
The Company assumes no responsibility for any technical issues that visitors / users may encounter when attempting to access the Website or while browsing it, which are related to the performance or compatibility of their own infrastructure with the Website.
In addition, the Company bears no responsibility for the actions or omissions of third parties and especially for the unlawful interference of a third party in the products / services and / or the information provided through the Company’s Website.
Where the current Website contains links to third party websites, the Company is not responsible for the content of these websites or for any damage caused to the visitor / user by these websites.
In no event is the Company liable for any direct, indirect, ancillary, special or detrimental damage resulting from the use or inability to use the Website, the services or the content that is on the Website or the services, even if the damages could have been foreseen or if the Company had been informed of the possibility of such losses.
If the above limitation of liability can not be applied, the Company is only responsible for gross negligence in providing information about products and services provided through the Website.

Users / visitors are required to comply with all relevant Greek, European and international laws and regulations, including indicatively and non-restrictively laws relating to the protection of intellectual property, protection of personal data, protection of competition, etc. Also visitors / users must make use of the Website and the services offered through it in accordance with principles of morality and these Terms.
Visitors / users agree that they will not use the Website, for emailing or otherwise transmitting, or posting content that is illegal, harmful, threatening, offensive, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, blasphemous, libelous, infringing on the privacy of others, showing empathy or expressing racial, ethnic or other discrimination, that may cause harm to minors in any way, that is not entitled to be transmitted in accordance with the law or through contractual or managerial relationships (such as inside information, property and confidential information obtained or disclosed as part of an employment relationship or covered by confidentiality agreements), or infringing intellectual or industrial property rights, or other proprietary rights of third parties, containing software viruses or any other code, files, or programs designed to interrupt, damage, or destroy operating equipment, software, or PC hardware.
Visitors / users are prohibited from any modification, copying, distribution, transmission, display, execution, reproduction, publication, licensing, creation of derivative works, transfer, or sale of any of the texts, illustrations, logos or communications / announcements appearing on the Website, including, for example, graphics, photographs, images, animations, sound, illustrations, information, software, products or services and their settings, except as expressly permitted, ie for personal non-commercial use or to communicate with us.
Every visitor / user of the Website is also obliged not to perform acts or omissions that may harm or disrupt its operation and access to third parties, or that may jeopardize the provision of services offered by the Company through it (the Website). The use of the Website in an illegal manner or in a manner contrary to these Terms, gives rise to an obligation of compensation of the Company, for any positive or negative damage suffered by the above behavior.
Each visitor / user is also obliged not to provide false information about himself/herself, not to impersonate any other person, not to send spam or group mail, nor multiple copies of messages, and not to collect information about other visitors / users Website without their consent, including financial data and email addresses.
To the extent that it is possible to use the Website on the wider internet, this should be done in accordance with the terms of the Netiquette Code of Conduct, and the use of practices that are contrary to this code is expressly prohibited.
The non-compliance of any visitor / user of the Website with the applicable law and / or these Terms, provides the Company the right to take the necessary measures and any necessary action to address this kind of behavior. Thus, in such cases, the Company is entitled to prohibit e.g. access to services provided through the Website or to delete, edit or move messages, while respecting the principle of proportionality.
Any expenses or compensation that the Company may be required to pay, due to a visitor / user breach of its obligations under these Terms, shall be borne by the said visitor / user, who is obliged to pay them to the Company immediately and without having the latter to go to court.

The Website and its content, including images, graphics, photographs, drawings, texts, information material, services and products, trademarks, trade names, insignia, any form of data, software, unless otherwise stated for specific rights of third parties, constitute intellectual and industrial property of the Company and are protected in accordance with the relevant provisions of Greek and European law and international conventions. Also, anything transferred, retransmitted or sent through this website is the property of the Company, as long as this is possible and legal.
Any copying, modification analog/digital recording and mechanical reproduction, distribution, transfer, downloading processing, reselling, renting, storing, printing, creation of a derivative project or misleading the public about the actual provider of the Website and its content is expressly prohibited.
The names, images, logos, trademarks and insignia that represent the Company and that appear on the Website, are the property of the Company or third parties and are protected by Greek, European and international laws on intellectual and industrial property. Their use is expressly prohibited without the prior written permission of the Company or their legal beneficiary. The products, brands, trademarks and insignia of third parties, which appear on this website, are the intellectual and industrial property of those who are solely responsible for them.
In any case, the appearance and display of the above on the Website in no way should be construed as a transfer or grant of explicit or implicit license or right to use them.
The information submitted by any visitors / users of the Website through it is considered as non-confidential information and is not an asset of this visitor / user. Furthermore, the Website may collect limited and necessary information about its general commercial activities.

The visitor / user and the Company must comply with all applicable laws and regulations on personal data protection in the execution of the obligations set out in these Terms, including Regulation No. 2016/679 of the EU for data protection, including all other relevant laws and regulations.
The Company processes personal data, which it collects as a data controller during the provision of services. When the data is processed by the Company as a Data Controller, the said processing is carried out in accordance with the Privacy Policy and cookies of the Company.
Please click on our Privacy Policy (link here) if you want to know more.

Any provision of the Terms of Use becomes contrary to the Law, automatically ceases to be valid, without in any case affecting the validity of the other terms.
This constitutes the entire binding agreement between the Company and the visitor / user of the Website and its services.
No modification of the Terms of Use will be considered and will not form part of this agreement unless it has been formulated and proven in writing and has not been incorporated into these Terms of Use.
These Terms of Use, as well as any modification thereof, are governed by and construed in accordance with Greek law, European Union law and relevant international treaties.
Competent courts for the resolution of any dispute are exclusively the courts of Athens, Greece.

The Company reserves the right to modify or change the content of the Website at any time without prior notice to visitors / users.
The Company may also modify the Terms at any time by posting the modified terms on the Website. The right to modify the Terms includes the right to modify, add or remove terms. The Company notifies visitors / users through the Website, when there is any change in the Terms. Any modification or change does not affect and does not apply to transactions that have already taken place. The visitors / users are responsible in the context of good faith and business practices to regularly check if the Terms have been modified, if they revisit the Website. Your continued access to or use of our services constitutes your acceptance of the modified terms. The terms and conditions of use of the Website and the transactions performed through it do not contradict the provisions of Greek law.

If any section or provision of the Terms is deemed invalid, illegal, inapplicable or in conflict with the laws of any jurisdiction, the invalidity or cancellation does not affect the validity of the other Terms.

If these Terms are not clear or you would like to report any problems with the Website or its Content, please contact us as follows:

Panagitsas 28,
14562 Kifissia Attica

Please use the Contact Form at the address of the Website https://kourtis-contract.gr/site/contact-us/ or send an e-mail to info@kourtis-contract.gr.

Contact Phone
Kifissia Attica: +302106250104



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