New era

Same principles

Kourtis s.a. has managed to remain consistent in serving the furniture industry for over 100 years and became a leading company within the sector. The continuous research for the best quality, our love for design but first and foremost the respect for our clients have become the non-negotiable values of our business existence and the foundation for the introduction of our company in the new era.

Within the changes in time we evolve, and with the rise of the hospitality industry in Greece we created a special division to best serve the businesses within it. We have created new partnerships with the most renowned brands in every corner of the world in order to be able to provide our customers with timeless pieces that stand out for their uniqueness. And their highly competitive value.

Kourtis CONTRACT offers hotel & restaurant interiors and exteriors furnishings. We will propose, design, consult & be with you in every step.

Intrigue your imagination

We know what a difficult task is to choose the appropriate furniture for your business. Our specialized interior designers will capture & plan your areas and propose the most suitable furniture that meet your aesthetics.

Live the experience

We always go a step ahead and set up custom made areas in order to showcase your selection and proposed styles. In our opinion, it is the best way to safely select the most suitable options while getting the real picture of the atmosphere created with a variety of different furnishings.

We will be in touch

For us it is very important to create long-term relationships with our customers.
In the occasion that any additional support is required, our technical department is always next to you. Our company remains at your disposal at all times for enquiries you may have.

Custom made

We deliver custom made furniture to match the criteria of architects & interior designers based on the set dimensions of your area. Our imports come in a variety of dimensions as well, making it just a little bit easier for you to fit them all in.

Continuous support

We will draft your funding proposal. Our specialized accountants will prepare and submit your unique proposal and will manage the whole procedure for you.



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