Kourtis Contract equips the new Heritage Hill Hotel in Athens


A modern accommodation proposal is soon to make its way in the heart of Athens! The new city hotel, Heritage Hill Hotel with 35 luxurious rooms and a luscious Lifestyle Suite overlooking the Acropolis, was brilliantly curated by Fani Parthenou and George Papadopoulos of  WhiteArch Architecture & Construction office.

The Contract Department of Kourtis S.A. undertook the furnishing of the interior and exterior of the hotel with clean-lined furniture and warm, dark shades. The hotel’s rooms were designed with emphasis on a rather minimalistic style: armchairs, sofas and contemporary seating in earthly colors combine comfort and functionality and exude an inspiring, friendly atmosphere in the space. Pendant and floor lamps with metallic elements consistently accompany the minimal design of the rooms. At the same time, the exterior spaces, with the selection of grey armchairs lined with high-performance Sunbrella fabrics, create the ideal atmosphere of relaxation and indulgence of a unique panoramic view of the Acropolis.

The 36 rooms of the hotel closely follow on the contemporary design that one encounters on the facade of the building that clearly stands out in the urban landscape.

Vaggelis Paterakis’ photographic lens, captured in his lens the exquisite atmosphere of minimalist luxury that this unique hotel emits.




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