New Collection and Furnishing Suggestions for your Hotel

Remaining loyal to our appointment for the annual exhibitions of hotel furnishing, through the exhibitions 100% Hotel Show & Χenia Kourtis Contract highlighted and exhibited a fresh set of decorative suggestions through its complete collections for both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Our interior designers created atmospheres with the scope of highlighting the large range of furniture we have available, as well as the ability to create indoor and outdoor spaces that match a range of aesthetic choices. We achieve this using imported products from the elite of the worldwide industry, as well as through the possibility of creating custom made structures based on the designs of architects and interior designers, to fit the outcome each individual entrepreneur desires.

At the 100% Hotel Show Exhibition we presented two room suggestions which appeared superficially different but were, in essence, based on the same trends and influences, and shared the same character. Central elements were the combination of materials (wood, metal, glass and marble), the different styles as well as the use of colour trends with the scope of highlighting character (green interior trend) and with the aim of achieving a relaxing effect (golden details and yellow elements or beige colour).

At the Xenia Exhibition, both rooms exhibited were designed having in mind the combination of different materials, the colour trends as well as the use of furniture as decorative elements while still retaining their usefulness. The rusty red bedroom, where the simple, minimal styles of the furniture are emphasised through the accessories used (e.g. the lighting), confirms the fact that current trends allow the emphasis on colour, furniture and the initial influences used. The grey shades of the second bedroom and the intense combination of materials (wood, concrete, metal, paper) compose a more contradictive design, unexpected while simultaneously harmonious.

The strong presence of Serta Matresses, the Number One matress, bed and sleeping products company in the U.S. was felt in both exhibitions.

Also strongly present, was the outdoor furniture collection presented in both exhibitions by Kourtis Contract: gazebos that one can install even on sand, highly wind-resistant umbrellas, decks, recliners, seating as well as dining wood choices (teak & suar) and decorative elements (e.g. lamps, ceramics, lamp posts and more) that can successfully contribute to the emphasis on the furniture and the creation of a relaxing atmosphere throughout the day.

Our exhibited #KourtisOutdoorCollection gave visitors the possibility to see and experience our outdoor collection from up close, also having the opportunity to view the durable and water-resistant fabrics of the Sunbrella company. These fabrics come with a whopping 6-Year Warranty, while also ensuring a fast and effective cleaning process.

We hope to have the opportunity to meet you and give you a tour of our new space in Kifissia soon!